How did Ferrari win in Sepang (2015)?

March 29, 2015

Simple: Mercedes got ahead of themselves.

When the Safety Car came out, they thought “we are a winning team! We lead at the front! We must pit now and then lead with new tyres, as the winning team!”

without actually thinking about what was the best strategy at that moment.

The tyres were still relatively fresh. Moreover, Sepang isn’t that rich for over-taking — especially when the other teams are on relatively new tyres, and your car is full of petrol.

Thus whoever pitted would be stuck behind lots of cars, all of which could also use DRS on the car in front, in traffic.

That one decision meant they were on the back foot in terms of pit strategy.

The Mercedes car was still around 0.8 per lap quicker than the Ferrari in like-f0r-like conditions, but they were always in a worse position on tyres.

Lewis Hamilton is the 2015 Formula 1 World Champion, over 19 races.

But they need to get back to simple, pragmatic strategy, not forcing themselves to play their entire race hand within the first several laps.

The ‘good’thing is that this has improved the odds for F1 betting – you can now possibly get better odds for Lewis Hamilton being the World Champion in 2015.

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F1 calendar 2015 (best seats)

January 7, 2015

Click the page above for the best views and best seat guides for all F1 tracks and circuits.

15/03 Australia
29/03 Malaysia
12/04 China
19/04 Bahrain
10/05 Spain
24/05 Monaco
07/06 Canada
21/06 Austria
05/07 Britain
19/07 Germany
26/07 Hungary
23/08 Belgium
06/09 Italy
20/09 Singapore
27/09 Japan
11/10 Russia
25/10 USA
01/11 Mexico
15/11 Brazil
29/11 Abu Dhabi

Best F1 betting odds 2015

December 22, 2014

SkyBet has really good F1 betting deals. To get their best offers, click this Formula 1 SkyBet link.

There are some interesting offers, such as:

– Button to win ANY F1 race in 2015, 6/4

– 2015 Drivers Championship: Hamilton 4/6, Rosbery 9/4, Alonso 10/1, Vettel 18/1, Ricciardo 20/1

– Mercedes are 1/4 on for the Constructors – if it’s in the bag then obviously putting 40 down will return an easy 10!

What are F1 fans searching for, Q4 2014

December 22, 2014

Here are just some recent searches by F1 fans.

You can quickly read about what the best F1 seats and best views are for all the F1 race track circuits by clicking that link.

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New F1 radio rule stupid and inpoliceable

September 12, 2014

So the new rule for radio, pit to driver messages is moronic.

Firstly, it’s stupid because technology is an understood aspect of F1. Drivers have tools such as brake balance, fuel usage etc.

So what is the point of this technology if they must psychically GUESS the goings-on of the car?!

But moreover, it’s an idiotic rule because you can’t stop it.

An engineer saying “I like pineapples” could be code for changing the diff setting. “Re-arrange your plums” could be a coded instructin on how to take corners.

I suppose we shoudn’t expect any level of logic from a sport that doubles the points on the last race, therefore potentially rendering the last 9 races meaningless.

E.g. if someone finishes first for 9 races and their competitor second or lower, they could have built a 49 point advantage.

Then if they DNF in Abu Dhabi and their competitor wins, those HALF-SEASON points are wiped out!


In-season testing

August 25, 2014

This blog has had many hits about Rosberg cheat or Nico Rosberg cheating. That was actually a previous article, yet the same issue has come up, and if Rosberg wins the F1 WDC 2014, the general view will be that it is purely, solely and only because of Hamilton’s ridiculous streak of bad luck this year.

The number of mechanical failures this year from Mercedes is obscene.

Hamilton fans and fanatics must be fuming. Testing times. I used to care more than I did, on a personal note. Now, I can take a step back and see that if he doesn’t win, it’s not that bad. Maybe it is difficult to sympathise with millionaire sportsmen, knowing they can console themself pretty much however they’d like to after a bad sporting day.

In any case, the racing Gods need to balance out this bad luck over the next few races. A DNF for Rosberg in Monza and Singapore would restore parity.

Nico Rosberg is a dirty cheat, say some

May 24, 2014

Nico Rosberg cheated at the Monaco F1 Qualifying, as he ‘did a Schumacher’ and made a mistake-on-purpose, thus causing yellow flags and not letting Hamilton complete a qualifying lap on new tyres. This pathetic move by the immoral and un-sporting Rosberg is quite ridiculous, seeing as the season is over 20 races, and he is much slower than Hamilton, and therefore cannot win the WDC. All he ended up doing is making bad reputation for himself and to become viewed as a cheater.



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