Hamilton still on course for #F1 victory in 2016

March 20, 2016

The Australian GP is very rarely representative of the cars, or the season to come.

The track is a pretty odd one. It lacks the guarantee of certainties – there are not the long straight, the sweeping corners, the specific tight sections that come up in almost every other F1 track.

It’s all ‘bitty’ and less rhythmic that other circuits.

Hamilton’s mistake was a big one, but over the course of a season, he still has the will, and obviously the skill, to out-qualify Rosberg and therefore out-class him on a normal F1 circuit.

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Stupid #F1qualifying idea too stupid even for Ecclestone

February 29, 2016

Fiddling with qualifying is silly.

Even Ecclestone, a man who appears to be completely without basic human soul, finds the proposed ideas to be silly.

Some 90 second elimination rule doesn’t make it more ‘exciting’. It makes it more ‘confusing’.

There is no way to make any sensible changes to qualifying, because it won’t change what we want:

We half-watch Q1 and Q2 because the crap teams are boring, and we just watch it to see if any of the big teams make mistakes, and so we can gauge exactly how shit McLaren currently are.

Then in Q3, we want to see the two drivers in the best team razz it to the edge to get the best time (it might be nice if it were four drivers in the best two teams, but that can’t be controlled in the sport unless there are highly restrictive car regulations, which is slightly another story).

Any 90 second rule won’t change the best teams being able to EASILY get the best times – unless they make a mistake.

So, more confusion, less excitement. Poo.




Stupid #F1 and idiotic #2016F1 comments

February 20, 2016

Here at F1addicted Towers, where we sit on our wanking throne in our pyjamas typing out rubbish, we love pre-season car and testing comments.

You can even look as far back as 2011 and read these.

2016, thankfully, is no different.


  • Christian Horner says that Red Bull are really shit, but they might not be as shit in 6 months time. (he forgets that most/all other teams will also improve through the year. Oops.)
  • Unproven ‘right place, right time’ “Champion” Vettel says Ferrari will be better, because they now use a Mercedes engine – oh no wait, they don’t.





#F1testing schedule

February 14, 2016

Here’s the F1 testing and car launch release date schedule for 2016:

Pre-season testing

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona – 22 to 25 February

Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona – 1 to 4 March

Car launches

Ferrari – 18 or 19 February (to be confirmed)

Haas – 22 February

Force India – TBC

Renault – launched

McLaren – 21 February

Mercedes – TBC

Red Bull – TBC

Sauber – 1 March

Toro Rosso – TBC

Williams – 22 February

Manor – TBC


What were F1 fans searching for last year?

February 14, 2016


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December 25, 2015

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Changes Needed in F1 for 2016 and beyond

December 25, 2015

I hardly wrote on this blog this year.

What’s the point? Where is the intrigue?

Some drivers might not love other drivers. Losing teams and their staff have a few things to moan about.

I’ve been a big fan of Lewis Hamilton since 2007. But I still found this season boring.

He’s the best driver (according to F1 ex-drivers, commentators, experts), and he’s obviously in the best car.

The only way he won’t win is due to bad luck in the car.


So what changes are needed to make F1 more interesting?


  1. There must be less emphasis on the cars

Obviously this is difficult. The teams want to guarantee (as much as is possible) a return on their investment. But just like salary caps in sport, there must be a cap on the skill of engineers using the funds.

The rules must be restrictive in terms of aerodynamics and engine difference. The cars must be brought closer in line.


2. Cheaper Tickets

The tickets are too expensive. Crowds are low at several races because not many people want to pay that much for a weekend watching sport.


3. That’s it

Oh. Yes, this isn’t a list of 10 things for the sake of it.



The point is addressing how to maintain a ‘pinnacle’ sport, maintain interest from teams, AND make it possible for more than only one team per year (or two at a stretch) have a chance of winning.

Ferrari and Schumacher had the financial advantage for years. Then it mixed up a little, before Newey’s aero genius and then Mercedes engine power have given us just the same thing: less of a spectacle. Less intrigue. Less fun and less excitement.

One other factor is key: the tyres. They need to be less of a factor, because drivers must be able to push hard for the whole race.

Yet that is one smaller issue.

The car rules simply have to be tighter. Teams will have to ‘prove’ that they are smarter. Better at recruiting drivers.

Restrictions on cars will mean that it won’t be necessary to have pay drivers.

The ‘big teams’ can leave in a sulk if they think they must have the right to buy success in F1.

Other teams will enter if the costs are reasonable.

Other car manufacturers will want the massive exposure if they think they have the skills to enter at affordable costs and show their engineering and HR/management skill to win without only buying it.


The fans must feel that it is the human element, the human interest story of a driver’s skill that can win the race.