Best view Suzuka Japan F1

The main travel advice in coming from Nagoya is that you need to reserve the seats to and from the circuit on the train, in advance, so ask your hotel.

Also, Kangaroo TV is needed as commentary is only in Japanese!

For the lowest priced accommodation and best deals on your travels, use Agoda.

For fun F1 betting, choose Skybet. They have really good deals like free bets and on-going monthly free bets.

You may need to use a UK proxy if you want to bet from outside / not in the UK.

You can also watch F1 online, securely, by simply selecting the UK setting on a proxy.

Using this UK TV proxy for F1: click here – you can pay a small amount (about USD 68 a year!!) to use a UK proxy


All else is well organised with the venue, and the best seat and best view is around stand B, and specifically B2:
See the start here

and despite the annoying zooming camera work, the shooter calms down after 56 seconds and shows the full movement of the cars clearly here.

To read real reviews from people who have been, read more here

Buying F1 tickets with Book F1 means that you can learn more about your seats and find the best ones that will suit you.


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