Jenson Button to Mercedes for 2017

Did this title really surprise anyone?

Think about it – even though Button said that he wanted a break from F1, imagine if you were in the same position. The Mercedes is still untouchable next year, and for the years after that without regulation changes.

So as every F1 media goes through ‘who will be confirmed to drive at Mercedes with Hamilton for 2017’ and look for the in the know, insider gossip on Mercedes for 2017, Button is a strong candidate.

While Hamilton is clearly the fastest and best driver and Button wants a break from the sport, if you were him and had the chance to drive the Mercedes for one more season – why wouldn’t you?

Button doesn’t have any children and has nothing else to do.

The Mercedes is MASSIVELY faster than the other cars and can give any driver – even someone as talentless and dull as Nico Rosberg – an F1 title as long as Hamilton has reliability issues.

Valteri Bottas is a safe choice, but Button may be a good fit for Mercedes for 2017.

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