Stupid #F1qualifying idea too stupid even for Ecclestone

Fiddling with qualifying is silly.

Even Ecclestone, a man who appears to be completely without basic human soul, finds the proposed ideas to be silly.

Some 90 second elimination rule doesn’t make it more ‘exciting’. It makes it more ‘confusing’.

There is no way to make any sensible changes to qualifying, because it won’t change what we want:

We half-watch Q1 and Q2 because the crap teams are boring, and we just watch it to see if any of the big teams make mistakes, and so we can gauge exactly how shit McLaren currently are.

Then in Q3, we want to see the two drivers in the best team razz it to the edge to get the best time (it might be nice if it were four drivers in the best two teams, but that can’t be controlled in the sport unless there are highly restrictive car regulations, which is slightly another story).

Any 90 second rule won’t change the best teams being able to EASILY get the best times – unless they make a mistake.

So, more confusion, less excitement. Poo.





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