New F1 radio rule stupid and inpoliceable

So the new rule for radio, pit to driver messages is moronic.

Firstly, it’s stupid because technology is an understood aspect of F1. Drivers have tools such as brake balance, fuel usage etc.

So what is the point of this technology if they must psychically GUESS the goings-on of the car?!

But moreover, it’s an idiotic rule because you can’t stop it.

An engineer saying “I like pineapples” could be code for changing the diff setting. “Re-arrange your plums” could be a coded instructin on how to take corners.

I suppose we shoudn’t expect any level of logic from a sport that doubles the points on the last race, therefore potentially rendering the last 9 races meaningless.

E.g. if someone finishes first for 9 races and their competitor second or lower, they could have built a 49 point advantage.

Then if they DNF in Abu Dhabi and their competitor wins, those HALF-SEASON points are wiped out!



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