Monaco F1 2014: Five out of Five for Lewis?

Every year, F1 fans and media forget that 9 out of 10 Monaco F1 races are very dull processions, as cars capable of hundreds of miles per hour round racetrack bends are reduced to crawling through twisty old streets of a luxury seaside resort.

If it rains, it can be fun to see which drivers can handle it. But that’s still not Formula 1 racing. It’s inappropriate.

If it doesn’t rain, then it is dull and disrupting to the senses. They don’t play one FIFA World Cup game on a beach, or a park, or on city streets, do they?

So for the last several years, as the cars improve yet further, having a full race on Monaco’s streets feels a bit odd.

Nonetheless, the media hype machine continues, and we await the excitement of “Lights out!”, followed by about 60 laps of driving, with about three to four overtakes in total, only able to be done after the tunnel, just before the chicane.

Hopefully Hamilton wins, to at least give some consistency and keep us away from pure luck being a factor once more.




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