What is wrong with Red Bull in 2014?

Some F1 media reports say that the problems currently experienced by Red Bull may be “major”.

But I don’t think that will be true.

They have had some ‘issues’ in the past, usually because Adrian Newey loves to tightly pack car interiors, and over-heating can occur.

It seems that this is one current issue, but also the Renault engine – not directly in Red Bull’s control (in theory), may be causing vibrations that are interfering with the ERS (energy recovery system).

It is a possibility for this to be a bigger problem, but Red Bull and Newey have shown that they (or rather, he is) are capable of overcoming any problems and re-designing his way out of it.

Every single year, the F1 media tries to analyse the F1 testing, and 2014 is no different.

But it’s an exercise in futility. Testing is over a number of sessions, over the course of a month.

Everything can change before the first race in Australia.



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