F1 rules, news and driver information for the 2014 season

Thankfully, the boring and meaningless 2013 F1 season is over.

Not the fault of the unsportsmanlike Vettel, not the fault of Adrian Newey who won the 2013 WDC with his car design, but the fault of the rules which were out of balance with the needs of the sport.

As mentioned before, F1 fans do understand that the sport is a mix of technology, money, teamwork and driver skill. We fully accept and like this.

Yet ‘driver skill’ must be one of the key criteria – not one of the least important and most meaningless.

Regulations must allow the capacity for some design differentiation and intelligence.

But the Schumacher era should have taught F1 – from all perspectives – that it will be a far less-popular sport if only one team manages to exploit all the possibilities, where others fail.

We cannot have more seasons whereby any of the top 10 drivers or so would win the WDC just and solely if they drove Adrian Newey’s car.

Like millions of others, I am astounded with Adrian Newey and full of respect for his skills. To be so far, head and shoulders above other World-renowned and experienced engineers means that he is a true ‘genius’. He creates design and engineering capacities that others are completely unable to create.

But this is a driving, car-racing sport, and therefore fundamental changes are necessary to keep fans entertained.

I love F1, I have been to races across four different countries.

But I tuned out of this season from September, because the season had clearly already been decided halfway through.

And I can’t have been the only one.

So looking ahead to the 2014 F1 calendar, what basic news is there to summarise from the F1 media’s bumf?:

Changes to the car in F1 2014:

The cars will look different and have different engines and powertrain systems.

– The engines will have a single turbo: “The engines will have a single turbo. Simply, the exhaust gases blow into a turbine, speeding it up. This is attached to a second turbine, which sucks in cold air and pressurises the intake system of the engine, increasing its power.”

– There will be two electric motors. So instead of the KERS 7 seconds, there will be an ERS 30 seconds.

Driver / team changes:

– McLaren ditched the immature and annoying Perez, and Danish Kevin Magnusson will be Button’s teammate.

– Maldonado to Lotus

– Hulkenberg to Force India, Perez may go there too, miserable and melancholy Di Resta to leave F1 perhaps.

– Mark Webber gone, as the F1 world waits eagerly for his autobiography.

Country / calendar changes:

– The in-the-middle-of-nowhere Korea F1 is gone from the calendar, finally.

– Still no New Jersey or Mexico. Another street race in New Jersey is a silly idea anyway, as is a Thailand-based street-race. Enough street-races, this is a motor sport based on a motor-racing circuit, not a computer game.

– Russia joins, Austria joins, China remains; isn’t money wonderful, eh? Ditto Bahrain: a night race for 2014.

– Hockenheim this year, not Nurburgring. I like Hockenheim.

2014 F1 calendar schedule:

16 March Australia (Melbourne)

30 March Malaysia (Sepang)

6 April Bahrain (Sakhir)

20 April China (Shanghai)

11 May Spain (Barcelona)

25 May Monaco (Monte Carlo)

8 June Canada (Montreal)

22 June Austria (Red Bull Ring)

6 July Britain (Silverstone)

20 July Germany (Hockenheim)

27 July Hungary (Budapest)

24 August Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)

7 September Italy (Monza)

21 September Singapore (Marina Bay)

5 October Japan (Suzuka)

12 October Russia (Sochi)

2 November USA (Austin)

9 November Brazil (Sao Paulo)

23 November Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

More for 2014 !

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