Lax regulations and stupid policies make for a crappy F1 season

As noted by Minardi, Vettel’s car has a technical advantage, delivered by the engineering prowess of Adrian Newey.

So what we are watching is not a ‘sport’ but a technical crapfest, muddled and messed by the meaningless FIA regulations.

It’s not Vettel’s or Newey’s or Red Bull’s ‘fault’. Red Bull paid for Newey, then his genius benefited the uniqueness of the car.

F1 fans realise that part of the sport IS about the car and the technology.

But there must be limits!

We want to see humans racing cars, and we want to see who is the best driver, not ONLY who has the best designer.

Otherwise we may as well have remote-control racing, if the car is to be the sole decider of the victory.

Formula 1 fans will have many different opinions – not only about the F1 best views and best F1 seats, but about this issue.

But, I think I speak for a lot of F1 fans when I say on this F1 blog that, there are:

Acceptable areas where the car / team is relevant to the result:

– race strategy

– choice of engine provider

– main areas of aerodynamics: the wings, within limits! If the human eye can clearly see a flexi-wing, then the tests must be more stringent and the rules clearer!

– there should be re-fueling to aid strategy

– tyres should not be race deciders

Yet we do not want to see:

– rules that allow any car to have such advantages as engine mapping, traction control, flexi-wings, exhaust-blown diffusers



Because the rules need to be better explained, more consistent, and more of a leveler between teams. F1 should not follow the model of ‘who has the most money wins’.

In-season testing should be allowed for all teams.

Whether you disagree with my points, I think that we all surely agree that the driver element must come back into the sport.

Tyres being the sole focus of races, bland and general regulations which are there to be exploited – these things do not inspire fans.

The conclusion of this does not have to be bi-polar: F1 as a sport must be intelligent enough to balance the need for the driver element as well as the technological element.




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