I am ready to be a Raikkonen fan

Note that this is only if (1) he joins Red Bull when Vettel is there, and (2) I would never call him ‘Kimi’, out of respect for my own basic credibility as an adult man.

I did have hope for this year, I will admit, when Hamilton won a race and had been qualifying on Pole. But that hope has faded now that Vettel has gained yet more points and the Mercedes seems still ‘only good on some tracks’.

will they have a trick up their sleeves come the new 2014 rules? Who knows. And surely anything they can do, Newey can do better.

so this only means that Vettel needs some new, real, and perhaps Finnish competition at Red Bull – someone who can finally not only challenge him but beat him. *and then*, even IF Vettel beats Raikkonen to a WDC, it will mean more than this incessant rolling of victories which are delivered to him on a Silver platter by either having the fastest car, or, the other 4 main teams still not hitting the flow with their car development, and still being unable to match Newey at his supreme level.


otherwise it makes races borderline unwatchable


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