Raikkonen (or Alonso) must join Red Bull next year

If Vettel stays there.

That is the only way forward for the good of the sport as a whole, just in case Newey supes up the 2014 Red Bull as he has done with RBs since 2010.

It is blatant that either Raikkonen or Alonso (though let’s face it, Alonso will not leave Ferrari) would beat Vettel in the same car. There is simply no alternative over a full season of races.

That kind of competition and mixed up possibility is what Formula 1 needs and craves at the moment.

McLaren and Whitmarsh will always flounder as they are doing now. Ferrari seem destined to fiddle with high hopes but fall at the final hurdle. Mercedes show true promise, but that is just one team – with new aerodynamic rules, Adrian Newey is sure to spring tricks, gizmos and new technology onto the RB9.

Formula 1 would threaten to offer another dull season of predictability if that level of advantage was gifted to only one driver.

That Mark Webber allegedly even had the same thing as Vettel did for the last few years is not even relevant – he is so far away from the likes of Raikkonen or Alonso that he has never ben able to really challenge the status quo at Red Bull.

For this season, people are saying that a ’46 point cushion’ is important now. Well every point is important but 46 points – with 10 or so races to go – is not a cushion. With 3 or 4 races left, it is.

But with 250 points to win, and Mercedes on Pole for 3 Qualifyings and now winning races too, the next few races could take that cushion away. Let’s hope so.




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