F1 2013 season … one big meh

They are still trying to hype it, but this season has been ruined by the tyres. They are simply TOO MUCH.

Too much of a talking point, and too much of an ‘issue’ EVERY — SINGLE — RACE.

Yes they are an aspect. One, aspect, of F1 racing.

Not every single bloody race and every single strategy and plan and more or less, every single race victory down to one team lucking out with tyres or getting a puncture, or …

Adrian Newey will win the WDC again because McLaren are so crap, Mercedes are still not there, Ferrari falling back and Lotus do not have Adrian Newey.

So this season is just a really boring one for me, I am not afraid to say it.

That’s the big secret that the BBC, Sky, James Allen and the career journos will never ever admit.

This year is a bit of a crap one!

Well enough of that – if you have 13 minutes free to enjoy some funny TV, watch this!:

Planet Shanghai


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