Boring Monaco over with

‘Oh But how can you say that race was boring?’

What happened? The usual few bumps and scrapes, which is not really ‘racing highlights’, that’s just racing gone wrong.

Yes, there were the usual dives down to the chicance and a few places lost and gained, but I’ve never been one to buy into the hype and show of Monaco F1.

It’s not Formula 1 ‘racing’. It’s not on a race track and, despite a few safety cars, the Pole-sitter won with little difficulty or real pressure from a driver behind.

There is talk of adding a Thailand street race, not to mention the New Jersey street race.

Four street races? That is completely ridiculous. I hope not.

Let’s get back to race tracks … and tyres that allow drivers to push. Not that you are more or less unable to actually ‘race’, because the tyres will wear out for any driver in any car.



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