F1 needs something at the #SpanishGP

F1 commentators have an excellent annual travel experience and they are paid to follow the sport that they love.

So even though they are the experts on analysis, information and guidance to viewers, they may not always be a reliable source on what is a ‘good season’ or an ‘exciting race’.

Certainly – to at least this viewer – this season does not feel as exciting as recent seasons.


It just feels as though we have the same options for race victory and race interest, and mainly: which are also due to the same limited number of reasons.

McLaren are completely out of play because they have an inept, impotent and unproven leader in Martin Whitmarsh.

There is certainly excitement in the racing mode of Lewis Hamilton, and a ‘can he win a race with Mercedes’ question that still lingers.


‘Who will win the race this weekend?’

Either Alonso or Raikkonen or Adrian Newey.


It depends on the temperatures and how that affects tyre wear.

If tyre wear is not an issue, then Red Bull can certainly win.

If it is, then Alonso or Raikkonen can win.

‘Oh. So it’s basically 95% about tyre management for the top teams then?’




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