New #F1 car launches are pathetic

I would really respect an F1 team if there was one that said nothing about their new car, had no ‘launch’ of their new car and just went to the track on day 1 and started testing. In silence.

The new car ‘launches’ are pathetic, self-congratulatory, mis-judged, un-necessary and deluded things.

In any case, they do not show the full car, the new wings or the real new parts. So essentially, new car ‘launches’ consist of F1 media walking around and talking photos of a life-size dummy car, while the drivers sit around saying “this car is fast. This car is really fast. Fastest ever. Well fast.”

It’s as if they forget that their rivals ARE ALSO DEVELOPING THEIR CARS.

And in McLaren’s case, it’s as if they forgot that – oops! – they let their best driver leave.

So they have two drivers who are neither qualifying specialists, race specialists, or proven to be faster than other drivers.

Some F1 media also seems to forget this.

James Allen does his ‘analysis’ of the cars. That’s fine. But I don’t think that he should always buy into the guff that the teams state about their new cars.

All teams like to say that they have a ‘new direction’ and ‘development pathway’ and that the new design ‘opens up new areas of speed potential’, and that ‘splashback willywhack bum attack super speedy’.

They really do have short memories. It’s as if they live in a fantasy world in which they are ruled by a jealous and despotic chief designer who throws anyone who speaks the name “Adrian Newey” into their McLaren dungeon.





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