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Apologies if you do not yet own your official and licensed DVD of either of these two films, and this is spoiling a potential momento of built up excitement in your otherwise dull and pointless existence.

This not being a movie blog, I rarely touch upon or fiddle with the topic of the many DVDs that we may purchase here. There have been so, so many terrible films recently. Yet two of the best examples of ‘movie-making gone wrong’ are The Hobbit and Skyfall.

Not so much ‘movie-making gone wrong’ as ‘turds of films which are offensively bad’, these two enormous examples of cinematic ass-custard should embarass all who were involved with any aspect of them. The credit rolls in both films should read as a ‘naughty list’, or a kind of reverse Schindler’s List. Not that I’m saying that they should be sent to a concentration camp – unless it could be…

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