Misery over by Sunday

By the end of Sunday, Adrian Newey will again be crowned the World Driver Champion for the third time.

We can then focus on the more interesting wait to March 2013 and to see if Mercedes have decided to not be completely shit, and instead have decided to use their money and expertise to build a race car that will go very nearly as fast as McLaren and Red Bull.

About Interlagos – I (brilliantly) said this last year:

“- I do not like Interlagos, the Sao Paulo Brazil F1 track. There, I said it. Everyone loves to say how they looove it, and good luck to them, if they do, then fine, I am not arguing with anyone’s opinion. My opinion is that is rarely produces wheel to wheel racing between the top 3 drivers, and that grid order largely decides the podium each year there.”

Obviously rare events or heavy rain could change this, but as a track it is no better than some others which are fashionably disparaged.

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