Caring about Formula 1 in the USA. Or not.

Who really cares about F1 in the USA? Sure, the teams and sponsors might do, if they think they can get more money.

But what about your average F1 fan?

I could be the average F1 fan. In which case, I would say that I do not care about F1 in the USA.

Some may say it is ‘important’ for F1. Define important in this case.

If, as is likely, F1 does not grow considerably in popularity, the sport won’t end.

Therefore, how ‘important’ is it, really?

It’s another race, and fans will be excited at lights-out on Sunday, but it being in America has no extra excitement or meaning to a lot of F1 fans.

That won’t stop the media hype though, so we are forced to listen to or read (if we still want to experience any F1 coverage) about the ‘brave new adventure’ and ‘will F1 make it in the US?’ and such.

More important to the average F1 fan are things like:

– how is the circuit to drive? (or watch being driven on)

– what will the result be, and what will Alonso and Vettel’s points be?

Personally, I gave up after the last race in Abu Dhabi, and more or less forgot about the last two races.

The Red Bull car is still much, much faster than the Ferrari car. That makes the outcome quite simple.


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