What to hope for this Yas Marina GP

Well, let’s hope the title race is alive come race finish.

More than that, let’s hope ‘F1 Great’ Fernando Alonso gains more points on ‘Good driver but is it the car oh wait yes it is’ Sebastien “Rude Radio Comments” Vettel.

So the way to wish for this is not only for Alonso to have a decent Ferrari upgrade package, but also to hope that Romain “Red Mist” Grosjean gets close to Vettel at some point in the race.

A good race would be for Lewis Hamilton to win – because he is inspirational in his talent – while Alonso gains points – let’s say 18 – on Vettel.

Vettel hasn’t done anythign bad to me, and Alonso hasn’t done anything good for me.

My views are just triggered by what I see.

Not being a Ferrari fan, I can still appreciate what Alonso does in the car. While Vettel is good, he has undoubtedly been gifted his current success.

No matter how you look at it (for example “he still has to qualify and win”), the point remains:

Place any of, let’s say, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen and perhaps Button in his Red Bull while he – sits in their F2012, MP4-27, Lotus-Renault-whatever, and the results would just be switched.

That is why – through no fault of his own at all – people are not really inspired by Vettel, unless they are the kind of person who recently ‘decides to support’ Man City or Spain in the next World Cup.

It’s an easy way to say “Yes! Look! ‘My’ favourite driver won! I claim their success as my own and will be sporting my Red Bull Racing t-shirt in public to confirm this!”

Wearing a t-shirt with Adrian Newey’s face on it would – while certainly less fashionable and even a bit weird – be more respectable and also a fair reflection of the man’s literal ‘genius’ in his field.

Genius is an over-used (or incorrectly-used) word but Newey truly is one. He rises above other respected experts and does what *no other engineer or designer* can do.

However, that doesn’t make for a great sporting spectacle.

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