SkyBet #F1 offers and specials

Browsing SkyBet, there is are some pretty interesting F1 betting options. Worth having a punt on, to make the season a bit more interesting!

They also have a great deal of giving a 10 pound (GBP) free bet on joining, and if you bet 5 pounds a week, they give another 5 pound free bet!

This is for a special time only – click the SkyBet link just a couple of lines above to read the details.


Alonso is currently 7/2 for winning the 2012 WDC, which is pretty good odds currently.


Also one interesting 2013 is that you can bet who will win a race first out of Perez (in a McLaren, of course) or Hamilton (in a Mercedes, of course).

That’s a pretty interesting bet because the McLaren car will definitely be better in 2013 – but will that matter, or can Hamilton haul the Mercedes (perhaps using a bit of luck if another driver DNF) to a race win before Perez can?

For Abu Dhabi:

Vettel has bad odds at 8/11 – though still not that bad – but the other drivers have excellent odds. Alonso is 5/1 and the other drivers are all better. (Webber 11/2, Hamilton 6/1)

Raikkonen for 40/1 anyone ?

Just click SkyBet here to get the special offer and start browsing.




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