Adrian Newey’s Red Bull wins Japan 2012 F1

Sebastien Vettel was gifted another race victory and is set – assuming McLaren are still unable to provide consistency or speed – to win another WDC.

Having won 2010 through luck and 2011 through Adrian Newey’s dominant car, 2012 may be a real possibility by default, merely due to Ferrari’s incompetence and McLaren’s lack of reliability, speed or inability to not make simple mistakes such as fueling the car sufficiently in qualifying.

Nonetheless, it is still possible for these things to change.

We have but 6 days to wait untl Korea and we can enjoy another race weekend.

Today was a boring race. The start had Alonso’s drama, but after that we witnessed something of a throwback to early 2012 season races – teams struggling to deal with and understand the tyres.

This is really an issue. Pirelli still seem happy to put focus on their name as the tyre provider, and use the excuse: ‘we were asked for tyres to give 2 or 3 pit stops’.

That may be, but it shouldn’t mean that many teams (or all of them) struggle to even UNDERSTAND the tyres fully.

We now count down to a mere 5 races left.

Yet, that is still 125 points, and DNFs are possible, as Alonso showed today.

The ball is now in McLaren’s court.

Red Bull have found a lot of pace from somewhere (if you believe it is purely down to the front wing then you are naive) and if McLaren don’t match this – they have zero chance of a WDC.

It is as simple as that.


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