Hamilton to sign for Mercedes today

It seems that the ‘transfer saga’ will finally be over today, as all reports suggest that Lewis Hamilton will sign for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team today, on Friday the 28th of September, 2012.

He will of course stay at McLaren for the remainder of this 2012 season!

Negative people may say it’s ‘only for the money’, but it’s not as simple as that.

Ross Brawn, Aldo Costa, Mike Elliot and Geoff Willis are all very well established names at Mercedes.

Factor that in to the enormous resources at Mercedes AMG and also that the new engine regulations in 2014 mean that the engines will be quite different to each other, means that the car can be competitive.

The sponsor side is also an important one for Lewis. Both he and teamboy Jenson Button have never been happy with the amount of work they have to do for McLaren’s sponsor’s — while earning nothing for the incessant hassle of saying they ‘really like’ Hugo Boss, or Johnnie Walker, or Mobil 1 !

McLaren have essentially failed.

If it’s Di Resta or Perez at McLaren, they would surely be a couple of tenths slower than Button. Who is always a few tenths slower than Hamilton. That means that they have lost about half a second a lap.

The money going into developing their car is then essentially lost, because developing half a second of time in pure car development costs many tens of millions.

So it’s an amazing coup for Mercedes AMG Petronas, because they have automatically gained a guaranteed half second for their car in 2013 and beyond.


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