Why F1 shouldn’t panic about the young generation

Certain F1 commentators are forever banging on about the need to get ‘more young people into F1’.

Though they are over 50 themselves, they still believe all they are told and consider themselves experts on the young generation.

They TRULY BELIEVE that young people are more or less always on Facebook and Twitter – AND, they believe that this —— somehow —— correlates to … something.

They think that “young people are on Twitter… F1 needs to be on Twitter” —— despite the fact (fact) that there is no evidence that any company has ever used social media successfully.

They also say things like “F1 IS broken”.

They don’t say why.

They just say “IS”, which apparently confirms the point to be true.

Rather than just (1) be over 50 (2) claim to know what people under 25 do, and (3) assume any form of expert level regarding social media, let’s look at reality.

(*note – there is nothing wrong with being over 50 … but generally older generations make huge – incorrect – assumptions about younger ones)

Read this.

Then think.

Think some more.

And let not anyone say “but in 20 years, 20 year olds will be 40”.

Because in 20 years, 40 year olds will be 60. And still have more money.

Basic conclusion:

While I don’t see anything wrong with genuine, intelligent and correct attempts to interest the younger generation (I am not saying it shouldn’t be wisely attempted), there is no reason to be scare-mongered and tricked into believing that it is the be all and end all of the future of Formula 1.

Moreover, F1 teams, stakeholders or fans should not necessarily believe that social media is a way to do it.

Again, nothing should be against an intelligent and considered attempt. But as the brilliant (and stat / fact based) blog Ad Contrarian constantly says: ‘social media + young people’ does not give proven results.



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