Quick Note on Hamilton and Mercedes

This isn’t really a “long saga”as Sky Sports is calling it – we only heard of it a week ago from Eddie Jordan! (via Bernie Ecclestone!)

Some people might call Hamilton greedy. But put yourself in the position. You will always, as a human, want to get what you think you are WORTH.

Signing off so that all McLaren’s sponsors can use your image rights, rather than potentially getting 10 million a year + (minimum), AND a lower salary than you have now, AND 5 million + a year less than Mercedes can offer, equals about 15 million pounds + , a year, more.

That’s obviously in the region of 50 million pounds over three years.

It’s easy to say ‘he has enough money and should want to win’, but let that ONLY be said by any commentator who has that choice to make, himself or herself.

Plenty of people think they can sit at a computer and comment about the situation.

Have any of them any idea of the reality of the situation? It’s incredibly easy to say something if you are never going to be in that position!

The move to Mercedes isn’t drastic either. It’s not a move to a bottom team.

Ross Brawn has proven himself at Ferrari and in 2009 by himself.

With more pledged resources from Mercedes/AMG with Hamilton at the helm, there is a strong chance they will be as quick in 2013 and especially 2014.

McLaren are not exactly guarantors of car speed! Just look at the last decade of the sport, and especially 2009, 2010, 2011!

The next side is who would replace Hamilton at McLaren. Di Resta seems very likely in this regard.

And to look only at facts, not opinions, Hamilton can get more out of the car – when side-by-side comparisons are made (not just saying that Button scored 2011 points because Hamilton DNF’d!) – Hamilton is a quicker driver.

Therefore the net result would be, for McLaren, that they let one of the undisputed fastest drivers in Formula One go, and replace him with Di Resta (or A. N. Other). Bad decision from them, from both a racing and financial point of view.

They have already made an investment in Hamilton.

There is a large section of Hamilton fans who point out that it is clear that Whitmarsh prefers Button.

The tone of voice and words he uses when Hamilton wins and when Button wins, is noticeably different.

Hamilton fans are also used to seeing Jenson Button play the media – cuddle up to the BBC hacks who desperately love the celebrity attention and claims of mateship. The BBC therefore try to paint Hamilton in an unfair light.

Ditto James Allen. He is a glory-follower. His adoration of Vettel – when he was winning – was borderline sickening.

This year he barely mentions Vettel, because he is not winning in the fastest car.

Yet he has always tried to downplay any great drives or successes of Hamilton.

This kind of media bias is not something that F1 fans are too stupid to see, yet one wonders why the head of McLaren, Whitmarsh, would specifically try to ‘prefer’ one driver to another, rather than simply trying to use the best that he has available to win a Championship?

With all the money that goes into various parts of running a Formula 1 team, are McLaren really going to lose Hamilton to another team (getting in a far inferior driver in his place) and win less, to have a bit more money in the bank?


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