The mood of Lewis Hamilton

Some observers have said that Hamilton looked downbeat and sullen after his win at Monza yesterday.

Yet I think that this may be reading too much into it.

He was clearly pleased, but he’s not going to be grinning like an idiot and jumping round like a rookie who has just won his first race.

The case of ‘what if’ must be lingering on his mind, as he would have done the same thing (win) as he did in Hungary, and today, back at Spa if McLaren gave him the right equipment.

He will also be focussed on the next seven races that could truly mean a second World Championship for him.

Though Alonso is 37 points ahead – and driving like one of the greatest ever Formula 1 drivers that he already is – McLaren has pace.

Not only that, but Lewis is incredibly comfortable on the remaining circuits. If Red Bull continue to lack pace by a few tenths, this means that race wins on all circuits is realistic. The only ‘freakier’ circuit is next – Singapore – as it is, of course, a street track, and a street track with more variables and less of a ‘normal’ race track layout.

If he can get more points than Alonso there then it will open up the remaining real race tracks with a big bonus in the bag.

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