Another weekend of mixed fortunes

Racing is about absolute skill and absolute luck.

This weekend was bad luck for Button, Vettel and Webber.

Did Vettel deserve his drive-through penalty? If he ‘didn’t leave a car’s width’ to his side for another car, then yes.

Nonetheless it’s irrelevant.

So Hamilton’s skill to get on Pole was so crucial – something that he could have done if given the same wing as Button the week before. That would have made it 3 victories in a row.

Though, this was as good as could realistically be hoped for. Perez gave a 3 point change to the ultimate result, meaning that Lewis is now 37 points behind Alonso, with 7 races to go.

The race is the big spark that the Championship needed. Ferrari have a fast car – faster than Red Bull and on par with McLaren who have made a big leap forward.

Singapore is in two weeks and the circuit is a weird one. As with every single race, the points swing will be crucial.

No predictions can be made, aside guesses – McLaren ‘seem’ to be quick on all circuit types, yet so do Ferrari! Hungary is not a track with plenty of straights, and on it, Ferrari were not as quick as McLaren or Renault. It is also always hinted at that Alonso can guide his team to a perfect Monza set-up.

Does that therefore mean that Ferrari will be slightly slower – in comparison to McLaren – than at Monza?

We do not know – no one knows. But every single race is a fight for points. We have a seriously close Championship and the drivers near the top of the leaderboard all have a realistic chance of winning. After this victory, Hamilton can count himself among those with a real chance. We have to wait two weeks to see!

2 Responses to Another weekend of mixed fortunes

  1. Grabyrdy says:

    As I understand it, Lewis could have had the same wing as Jenson in Spa and decided against it. Is that not so ?

    • f1addicted says:

      There is nothing definitive online that confirms that.

      My point is that, although a driver must give feedback etc. to a team, a team MUST ultimately be the one (with the data, the engineers etc.) to tell him that the new wing is much quicker. A ‘team’ must be responsible (from the top down) in ensuring that both drivers get the right set up.

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