Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

The internet is alight with rumour and gossip about Hamilton going to Mercedes AMG.

Some say that it makes no sense because:

– Mercedes hasn’t done well for two years

– Schumacher or Rosberg wouldn’t leave

– McLaren is Lewis’ ‘home’ and are more likely of giving him a winning car

Some say it is likely because:

– McLaren make moronic and amateur mistakes such as:
— not fueling the car
— not getting pit stops right
— not getting strategy right
— giving Lewis the wrong/old wing at Spa

– Whitmarsh very clearly favours Button

– The 2009, 2010 and 2011 McLaren was not quicker than Red Bull (or Ferrari at some stages)

Or is Lewis just using this as an extreme negotiating tool?

Whether or not Mercedes are on the edge of having a breakthrough, leading car in 2013 is not the point.

i.e. even if they were, it wouldn’t mean that Rosberg or Schumacher were bound to stay there.

Schumacher could still finally be ‘tired’ with a full season of racing, and MErcedes may want to ship out Rosberg if they can get Lewis in his place.

For anyone who says they would be ‘sad’ at such a development, I’d say grow a pair and put this in perspective.

Lewis Hamilton is already a Formula 1 World Champion, and will still be richer than you, or anyone you know (combined), will ever be. I think he will survive just fine even if Mercedes are not quick.

As a Lewis Hamilton fan, my own thought is that he really needs to be in a smart team.

The speed of the car is one thing, but the strategy and operations are more important.

The reason why Lewis was angry enough to post the data on Twitter was that it must be INFURIATING to him that McLaren are directly causing him to lose points – again, and again, and again, and AGAIN.

No other team on the grid is doing that.

It should bever – ever – be forgotten that he lost out on a 25 point race-WIN at Spain because THEY DIDN’T PUT ENOUGH FUEL IN THE CAR in qualifying.

So either choice has positives for Lewis. And one simply can’t help but feel that no one can win anything with McLaren (Hamilton or Button) because McLaren have a strong track record or bad strategy calls and basic errors.

Things like Monza 2008, Malaysia 2010 – times when simple and basic poor qualifying strategy led to being out in Q1. These are far – far from isolated incidents. McLaren fans have been calling for Whitmarsh to step down since 2009. That’s not an opinion but you can look it up and find many, many claims for this to happen.

Others then say that this wouldn’t be the right thing to do – I remember an old Martin Brundle piece about it when he was still with BBC. But the fact that he would even write such a piece suggets the number of suggestions about it in the first place.

This is why even if Lewis did leave – which may be a complete rumour with no grounding – it wouldn’t be awful for him.

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