Almost ready to go (again)

The summer break is, thankfully, almost over.

And we roar right back into things with a trip to Spa, the high-power speed-circuit that the drivers say is the only course which really feels like they are ‘driving somewhere’.

Predictions pre-break were that Lotus would be favourites at Spa, due to their already high top speed and also their improvements and developments with the rear wing system which, within FIA rules, offers greater straight-line speed.

Red Bull – Adrian Newey – will have found something or other to slightly offset the ban on their exhaust system, yet this is still expected to hinder them – especially over a race-distance.

McLaren are the Kinds of Inconsistency. Strong at Spa and showing both pace and new-found understanding of tyre temperatures, Lewis Hamilton should be expected to excel at Spa.

Ferrari still say they do not have enough pace and are not expected to be as quick as McLaren or Lotus.

Yet, we know that expectations in Formula 1 can be incredibly short-lived.

Predictions and a form guide can be torn up weekend after weekend, as teams bring in different developments at different times, as well as find a groove into a certain track better than anyone else.

Hamilton showed a determination and professionalism to win in Hungary that should follow on. Yet this is racing and anything can happen. Over the course of the next 9 races though, the viewpoint is the same – can Hamilton continue to score more points than Alonso each race?

Second to that – where does Red Bull’s pace really lie?

Lotus have the fastest car but not the best drivers – what say on the title will they have this year?

Spa and Monza ome in quick succession – and in the 2nd half of this season we are treated to many consecutive weekend races:

September 2, Belgium

September 9, Italy

September 23, Singapore

October 7, Japan

October 14, Korea

October 28, India

November 4, Abu Dhabi

November 18, United States

November 25, Brazil


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