Buy F1 tickets for 2012 excitement

This F1 season is now (at least this F1 blog thinks so)  in an amazing position to create another close fight for the F1 title.

What’s more, the rest of the season has some truly historic, hallmark and just very, very cool races left in it.

Any of these races and places would be amazing trips. This F1 blog says that Singapore, Suzuka and Abu Dhabi would be truly awe-inspiring visits, but any of them are great choices.

Here is the remaining calendar – click the links to read more about what the best seats, views, experiences and tips are about these races from F1 fans who have been there before and reviewed their experience.


September 2, Belgium
September 9, Italy
September 23, Singapore
October 7, Japan
October 14, Korea
October 28, India
November 4, Abu Dhabi
November 18, United States
November 25, Brazil
If you read this site and do go to any F1 this year, feel free to reply to a blog post if you’d like to send me your photos and I’ll post them up here so that thousands of F1 fans can see and enjoy your experience.

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