Hungary F1 GP build-up 2012

The weather forecast is now for heavy rain to start halfway through the race.

The run down to turn one off the start is a short one and the dirty side is apparently not that clean … as in Grojean in 2 in Button in 4 may get done down to turn 1.

Hamilton has had truly terrible starts, especially at the last race in Hokkenheim. So his prime objective is going to simply be to get away without a sticky clutch and get over to stop Vettel blocking the inside line.

Lotus (Renault) are tipped to have strong pace – but Grosjean is going to need a VERY quick car if he has a chance of over-taking Lewis at this track if the McLaren is right … and crucially, deal with the weather.

How the McLaren reacts if and when it starts raining is going to be the decider in this race.

In other news, the FIA have stickers over holes on the Red Bull, to stop the possibility of Red Bull adjusting the ride height.

Once again, the FIA look like morons because the point is that they need to discover WHAT Red Bull are doing, and to then make a final decision on it … not fanny about with stickers and guesswork.

The Red Bull will have less pace with the engine map changes.

As James Allen pointed out: Red Bull would not have used anything (such as engine maps) unless it gave notable (0.1+ per lap) speed.

Thus over a race distance, this will come into effect.

And as we know, Vettel is not a driver who can get something special out of a not-fast car; rather he is a driver that relies on having the fastest car given to him by Adrian Newey.

We are now facing a 5 week break, but for the sake of the Championship it would be good if Hamilton get claw at minimum 12 points back on Alonso, so we have a tussle to the end of the season.

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