Hungaroring F1 2012

So the engine maps that have allegedly been helping Red Bull to launch out of corners has now been banned.

Of course all the Red Bull people (Vettel, Horner, Marko) have been saying that this will not affect them.

But then they also *always* think they are in the right (statistical / logical impossibility), and are bad losers.

McLaren are happy with their upgrades and have a very good history at the Hungaroring.

It looks like a two stop race.

I can never understand why some people say that over-taking is difficult here – there is one GUARANTEED over-taking point at turn 1, with a tight, tight hairpin that leads open out to a wide turn 2 entrance, and you will again see many over-takes there.

Hamilton definitely can win this weekend, without doubt. But the luck factor of tyre, gearbox and such means that Alonso’s form and consistency may keep him as the favourite.

Forecasts are mixed, with hot temperatures and a dry race possible, with rain still lurking as a possibility. We all like wet races but enough is enough – a normal race which allows us to see true car paces would be nice.


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