Alonso deserves victory

McLaren seem to have fixed their dry pace, though their wet pace is still sub-par.

This led to Jenson Button rightfully claiming a 2nd place finish, after Vettel had cheated his way past, and was correctly penalised by the stewards.

Presumably an Alonso WDC will mean a lot of people switching their shitrs from Red Bull ones to Ferrari ones – as Vettel fans are glory-hunters who only started liking him after he won his first WDC, and they declared zero interest in him before that.

Fair-weather fans can switch easily. It is really just Alonso and Hamilton (and to a lesser extent, Raikonnen) who inspire fans to become dedicated followers of their heroes, no matter the actual results.

Alonso is showing this season (as he arguably always has done) that he really is the wisest driver. Talking about ‘best’ is meaningless, but, as predicted yesterday, it is difficult to see how anyone can take this year away from him. He is playing for points if a win is not possible, and it has put him at the top of the leaderboard (as well as his wins, obviously).

With a fast McLaren, I can definitely see 2 or 3 Lewis race wins this year, but points-wise it won’t be enough to outdo Alonso come season-end.

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