The real lottery: in the wet

Of course, some drivers are the best in the wet – Hamilton, Alonso – while other drivers don’t deal with the wet – Vettel, Massa.

But, it does create a higher lottery aspect of driving – who will hit a puddle first, who will benefit or not from a safety car, who will get even educated guesses right and who will make the wrong tyre decision if the rain changes or is sporadic.

Betting on Hamilton in the wet is usually a safe bet.

That’s if the fans get to the circuit this weekend…

Lots of people are searching for how to get to Silverstone parking, what car parks will be open in Silverstone and such.

But there is no secret fix because they change things each year.

Apparently, the police will be in charge of parking and organisation (usually a joke in British outdoors events).

What this means is that everyone will arrive as usual to Silverstone, from 1 of only 2 directions.

The way the motorway to Silverstone works means that everyone goes down it onto just a couple of slip roads, and after that, you are all funneled you different open car parks.

This means that everything this weekend will be decided once you get there and you will have no ‘choice’ over where to park, but have to follow the signs and police.

So this means: get there early – as in you should arrive to Silverstone at 7am or 6:30am.

That is the safest way to try and guarantee yourself a parking spot and then a walk to the track.

You should also try to get yourself a Kangaroo TV because it will give you the full information and commentary, so you know what’s going on!


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