Moaners to be made happy?

Some people have moaned that the lack of ‘consistency’ makes this year worse, in some way or other.

Their point is that because different drivers are winning, it makes it feel as though it is a ‘lottery’ and it is difficult to see who is winning on merit.

That is, of course, mind-numbingly stupid, because a year where the cars are close together is better. A year like the Schumacher of Red Bull exhaust blown diffuser are very dull and meaningless.

Such morons who seem to simply be happy if one driver wins all the time are in luck. All reports from spectators say that the Red Bull, after recent ‘upgrades’, now sounds very different than any other car when off-throttle.

EBD is banned this year but Red Bull have clearly found another trick which makes the engine ‘do something’ even when the throttle is off, giving better donwforce and control.

Unless another team does this or it is deemed illegal, Vettel will have another easy Championship with a better car than everyone else.

Especially if McLaren continue to botch a pit stop at every single race and bring zero upgrades that improve pace.

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