No driver or tyre lottery

Some people feel the need to comaplin about the current season and say it is a ‘lottery’ of sorts.

While I agree that the tyre degradation (not the tyre window) should not be that much of a factor, and that drivers should be allowed and able to push as hard as they can — even if that makes for a ‘boring’ race in some people’s minds, that is F1 to me.

I do not feel it is a lottery and I don’t feel that any F1 fan will be driven away just because this year is a competitive one, with no one clear leader yet.

The new regulations are what has equalised the pack, as Red Bull are unable to use their golden-bullet exhaust blown diffuser of the last 2 years, Ferrari have made a sudden and big improvement, and McLaren make stupid mistakes.

However I believe that we are on the cusp of a Championship wittling-down.

I won’t be surprised if another winner wins Valencia (perhaps Raikkonen on a one stop) but I think that before the summer break starts, we will see that the usual suspects have broken away, with Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel to be further ahead than they are now.

By ‘rights’, Hamilton should already be, but McLaren have made stupid mistakes, the biggest being, of course, in Spain.

Predictions are meaningless, but Hamilton seems a likely race winner.


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