Every article a driver move article

Every F1 journalist with pages to fill is using driver moves as content.

This leads to ever-wilder suggestions.

Going on the words of trust-worthy and respectable journalists, it seems that:

– Vettel does have a pre-contract with Ferrari in 2014 BUT this is next to worthless as either can change their mind for any reason…

– Webber will be the one moving to Ferrari in 2013, for one year to start with. He gets on well with Alonso and is seen as a team driver, but will not be held back as number 2.

– Hamilton wants to go somewhere. The problem is that the options are limited.

McLaren are a farce this year.

EVERY single race, they have made bad decisions or outright mistakes.

Moreover, their car is not fast, just like in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Their pit stops are slower than other teams.

Mercedes want Lewis, thoughno move in F1 is guaranteed – they could have a slow car in the future – after all, their car clearly has great pace now but it also has reliability issues.

The actual F1 team – people like Christian Horner – do not make the decisions at Red Bull, so if the Red Bull company bosses in Austria think that they will sell more cans of drink by having Lewis Hamilton in their car, they can make a big-money offer.

Though Vettel will be an unfair team-mate, Red Bull have proven, outright, their ability to make good strategy calls and do all the little things like quick pit stops, and making the most of situations for maximum points.

Going to Ferrari is unlikely.

The decision-making factor in this will be how McLaren do over the next 12 races.

Their bumbling, mistake-making idiocy of this year is inexcusable.

Getting pit stops wrong – several times – getting strategy calls wrong and even failing to put enough fuel in Lewis’ car in Spain are inexcusable. Their car also struggles against race pace of Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault and now also Ferrari.

We have 1 week to wait and see if they can have a flawless Canada weekend.

2 Responses to Every article a driver move article

  1. @cbesudha says:

    Like your blogs and tweets for the plain speak about F1 without the sugar coating and faux excitement, as you put it. I follow you on Twitter also. You should tweet and write a lot more

    • f1addicted says:

      Thanks! I will write more as the season continues. The only thing we can do now is wait for Sunday though – in this season not even the real experts, drivers or engineers know who will be fastest on any of the 3 days.

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