The next two races

What can McLaren try this time to stuff things up? McLaren have a very quick car now – well, Lewis is getting massive pace out of it while Button admits he is eating the tyres somehow.

Hamilton has won in Monaco and Canada (twice) and there ‘should’ be no reason why he can’t get 50 points out of the next two races.

Other cars have made huge improvements, Ferrari and Williams showing that in the last race.

This means that it is somehwat inevitable for the title to come down to the last race – and perhaps for literally 5, 6 or more drivers to be in the hunt.

Raikonnen is yet to win, Webber may still throw up a few results, while Hamilton, Button, Alonso and Vettel are all guaranteed to keep scoring well.

Luck always plays a massive factor in racing, which is why Hamilton fans still feel that he is perhaps the one driver that can (or ‘should’ again) be consistently successful. This year’s McLaren car has shown pace at all tracks (‘freak’ track Bahrain notwithstanding) and the one reason why he has not scored more points so far this year is the team’s stuff ups.

In theory this must come to an end as McLaren’s comedy of errors is unsustainable by even their ridiculous standards.

Iron out these errors and we are still left with a fast car and the fastes driver – AND lack of one clear challenger: lack of one other car which is undoutably quick at all track types.

Now we have to wait… again… Friday tomorrow and then we can start saying the F1 is ‘this week’ once more.


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