McLaren ruin another F1 weekend

Yes, only several races in and McLaren have made a fool of themselves. Even with perhaps the fastest car, they make mistake after mistake after mistake.

Pit stop problems in Malaysia, AND China, AND Bahrain… AND Spain.

Lewis gets Pole but they completely ruin it by simply not putting enough fuel in the car. Fuel!

It’s as if Barcelona were playing Real Madrid and Barcelona sent Messi out wearing scuba flippers instead of football boots. It would ruin the entire spectacle!

That’s what McLaren’s idiocy is doing fo the entire sport of Formula 1 – depriving fans of seeing the best driver in a fast car win a Championship.

The lucky point for them is that there are still many races to go – with Monaco next time and then Canada – two of Lewis’ favourite circuits. 50 points in two races is now possible and a must for the team to prove themselves.

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