Improved Red Bull gives Vettel victory

The almost ridiculously boring Bahrain track meant that it was the most boring Formula 1 race for a while, just like the bore-fest of 2010.

The track doesn’t allow for any difference in race pace – on watching the faster cars lap back-markers, you can clearly see this: it takes them a lap – or more – to simply get close enough for a back-marker to need to get out the way.

McLaren were very unlucky, with a left-rear tyre problem – twice – for Lewis Hamilton, while Button DNF because of a tyre problem.

This last stroke was very fortunate for Lewis, because it meant that despite having a pathetic weekend overall, he was at least 2 points up on his team-mate, which may be vital come season-end.

Vettel was unchallenged as no other car suited the hot conditions as well.

McLaren are traditionally strong in Spain, which is the next race, a whole 3 weeks away – which is a desprately horrible and impatient wait for a race.

Yet McLaren’s innately quick car should – should – be back up to speed on that track.

And they might even learn to make an error free pit stop by then – unlike both of the last two races.

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