Bahrain F1 2012 preview

Consecutive race weekends are fantastic. Tomorrow is Wednesday and then just one more day until F1 all over again.

The Bahrain race-track is a weird one.

Anyone who has played the Formula One game will have seen that around the track there are very few landmarks or points of interest – the lap feels like a bit of a slog.

There are also very few over-taking opportunities.

However, this is the first time that DRS will have been tried here, so perhaps even a double DRS zone would be a good idea?

Otherwise, there is only perhaps one good opportunity at the end of the pit straight – that, and the Pirelli tyres putting strategy into the mix again – choosing between two or three stops. In theory. It may be more like three or four stops due to the very high temperatures.

Those temperatures may see McLaren having an advantage again, as well as Mercedes during qualifying as there are a few straight that would compliment DRS.

If a completely ‘normal’ race, then a McLaren One-Two is what ‘should’ happen.

For a very nice view of the race track from a seat perspective, go to the F1 views page above and find Bahrain, then click onto the official website of the track.

I spoke to someone who went to the Shanghai F1 last weekend. It was his first race weekend, and seeing the cars move on the track first-hand, for the first time is an amazing thing.

TV gives you NOTHING of the speed of the cars – they are not cars, they are rockets on the ground. The speed at which they corner is astounding and awe-inspiring – to really realise what the drivers are doing.

If you have not seen F1 live then you must do anything to go and see it.



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