Easy predictions for this F1 weekend in KL, Malaysia

Same as last weekend.

Hamilton to get Pole. Button P2. Mercedes do well, Red Bull improve.

Off the start, Hamilton to lose P1 (or drop 2/3 places wherever he is).

Button to win the race. Hamilton to get P2 or P3 or 4 if luck isn’t on his side.

The start of Sepang is perhaps the longest – and certainly the widest – run down to turn 1. Pole isn’t a great place to start from.

It’s not THAT bad because the turn 1 is a hrd right hander – meaning that from Pole, even though P3 gets a lot of slipstream from you, you just need to block the right hand side to be able to turn in first on turn 1.

P2, 3 and 4 are really not good to start from! You then must decide whether to go left or right – meaning that you leave a HUGE gap on either then the right or left!

If anything, P3 is possibly the best place to start from. Then you still have one job – stay right. In the worst case scenario you will still just keep your P3 place.

Button has shown he is in a great place mentally, and can manage the tyres as well as get pace out of this year’s quick McLaren.

But Lewis seems to want it too much. He rinsed the tyres in Australia. Very unfortunate bad luck meant that (1) the start was difficult with a huge painted white line just by Pole, and (2) simply ridiculously, a safety car at the EXACT wrong time for him gifted Vettel P2.

Hamilton has shown great pace at Sepang in all of his past races there. But it’s going to come down to tyres, as well as individual car set-up for the race.

Therefore logic says that wise set-up would be for the race, not on qualifying on the Saturday.

Want do I want to see?

Schumacher ahead of Vettel again but the Mercedes car to work this time.

Nico Rosberg is simply pathetic – he never battles for places.

But with a quick Mercedes, let’s see how Schumacher vs. Vettel plays out.

I also want to see Webber right up behind Vettel.

He seemed to have better race pace in Australia – and we all want to see Webber CHALLENGING Vettel – not in a points tally but literally and actually, on the track.

That will prove some points – if Webber has better pace, can get past Vettel, and then begin to rack up better points – the entire Red Bull team will freak out.

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