Watch F1 online!

I have finally come across a way that promises live streaming of the Formula 1 races (and qualifying, so it says) online.

The Aussie site One and also Ten say (says on the One homepage) that there will be live “streaming” at the time.

To watch this, you need to use this proxy which costs about 68 USD for one whole year. (or you can trial by paying for e.g. 3 months to ensure it’s working for you)

It allows you to choose an Australian IP, which means that Australian sites will allow you to watch their content / streaming of live F1 online.

Follow the link above and buy the proxy, and for 68 USD you can get all the F1 2012 season live online streaming !!




2 Responses to Watch F1 online!

  1. Nik says:

    Hi, have you used this proxy yourself? Does the stream work?

    • f1addicted says:

      I use this proxy myself for BBC F1 live online and videos, as well as Sky Sports F1 videos. I have not seen that the Ten Sports works. It is as clear as day that they state on their website ‘live streaming’. But I can’t speak for their website.

      But the BBC and Sky F1 coverages are well worth using the proxy for alone. You can also get live BBC radio 5 full F1 races/qualifying also using the proxy. (James Allen commentary)

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