Everyone’s a winner baby

The same happens at the start of all F1 seasons.

Each team is sure that they can improve on their previous season.

Yes, even Red Bull thinks that they have made and will make improvements. Probably not on how fairlr nor equally they treat both their drivers – that’s one announcement that Christie Horner did certainly NOT make about their 2012 predictions.

But Caterham are sure they will score points.

Williams are too.

Lotus (Renault) will be really good.

Mercedes AMG (Mercedes) will be fighting for the podium.

Ferrari won’t be unbelievably cack (well, Massa will, but that’s an unspoken knowledge that just goes without saying).

McLaren and Hamilton will not have any problems.


There is, understandably, VERY little news now, but I did nottice one tiny, tiny little titbit about McLaren and Red Bull differing from all the other teams, in that they will allow the rear exhaust gases to all go over the top of their rear wing, whereas perhaps other teams will mix them going all over the top and some through the middle of the rear wing assortment.

Whether that is true, accurate or meaningful/less is another matter.

Don’t forget that although Red Bull embarassed (yes Martin Whitmarsh, no matter how you think McLaren did REALLY WELL to win *a few* races last year… they showed you right up) McLaren throughout 90% of last year, the McLaren car was more or less equal to Red Bull in the final few races of 2011.

Does this mean that Red Bull went as far as they could go with that ‘evolution’, leading into 2012, does it mean that McLaren’s experience with a vastly differently structured sidepod design will help in this 2012 evolution of the rules and regulations?…

Who knows.

But as everyone knows – everyone – if Lewis Hamilton has a car just as quick as the car Vettel is in, then he can beat him. The same goes For Alonso and Button.

Vettel’s indisputable and undisputed enormous car advantage last year meant that there was no level playing field.

Even Vettel’s fans cannot argue that.

So it’s about a month away for us to see if Adrian Newey will win the 2012 WDC – or whether McLaren will prove that they still have what it takes.

A Lewis Hamilton with a car that is as fast as anyone else will win – of that there is no doubt. Hopefully we can see it happen this year.


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