2 weeks until testing

We know that we won’t see Hamilton or Vettel until the 2nd or 3rd days of the first test session, as Webber and Button are testing their cars first.

This doesn’t mean much.

The key point to watch out for is the look of the cars.

Even though Formula 1 teams don’t want to show their hand early, and even though fuel loads, what they are testing etc. etc. etc. is totally unknown — you can’t hide a dog of a car, and you can’t hide a rocket-ship.

The RB7 was CLEARLY fast as soon as it hit testing in 2011.

So the car to beat is still the Red Bull, and Vettel must have a car faster than Hamilton or Alonso if he is to beat them to a WDC again.

Both teams have stayed VERY quiet until now… my opinion is that they are both incredibly confident and have a trick or two up their sleeves… it should be tight.


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