Non-F1 video of the week

The Daily Show on the life of Chinese workers (of lack thereof)

Do you have an iPhone or other Apple product that was made through slave labour?

Not that you should be blamed if you do.

It’s not like the workers are some separate group of disadvantaged people.

I’ve lived in China for many years, and it’s easy to see that when the Chinese do get moneyed and rich, they treat their fellow man with just as much disdain and contempt as they did when they were poor.

The point being that if any of the Foxconn workers got rich, they would treat their fellow Chinese person – to whom they claim to be so patriotic and nationalistic about – just the same way as they are being treated now.

The same as if ANY one of them got into a top government position, they would quite like the status quo, not want any change for more rights or a better life for their billions of countrymen, and still solely look out for number one.

So it’s not like they don’t deserve what they get.

It’s just the way of the world…

But this is an F1 blog.

So enough of that rubbish.


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