Non-F1 comment: The best beer in the world

California Acme Pale Ale

For easy drinking that I can get at any supermarket, I love Asahi and Kirin (Japan), Peroni and Birra Moretti (Italy), San Miguel and Mahou Negro (Spain), Singha (Thailand).

For ‘locally brewed’ beers, I love Little Creatures in WA (Western Australia), Australia(!), as well as Indi Pale Ale.

I’ve had Acme Pale Ale this year, and it’s truly divine.

The first taste is just slightly bitter, and the after-taste is just slightly sweet.

The TASTE through the whole sip/swig is a real and true beer taste.

You can taste the hops, you can feel the malts.

I find that the beer even has an orange-y kind of taste, if you think of oranges when you drink it (don’t let that put you off at all, it’s a beer/ale tasting beer, but it is nicely complex, YET not too complex AT ALL).

I am not into over-complicating beer drinks, yet there is a little complexity within Acme Pale Ale (feels like 1% aniseed and 1% grape is in there somewhere?!), while at the same time still having a true Pale Ale taste that is endlessly drinkable.

Even the colour and the thickness of it is just right.

See if you can order some online from wherever you are in the world.

(This is simply a personal opinion and I have less than nothing to do with the company etc.!!)


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