Off-season stupidity

Oh here it is again.

As always, teams have no problem in completely missing the possibility that they may be overly biased.

Force India, on ‘announcing’ that Hulkenburg and Di Resta are their drivers, said something like: “we are happy to announce the most exciting pairing in Formula 1”.

A logical and stable choice it may be – BUT IT IS NOT EXCITING!

Two young and – at best – ‘promising’ drivers is a normal thing for a midfield team.

But I fail to see why this is any more exciting than any other team on the entire grid.

If anything, the best and still most ‘exciting pairing’ must be Hamilton and Button.

The most interesting new pairing is Ricciardo and Vergne, for the sole reason that they are new.

In any case, it still doesn’t matter. As McLaren showed – a sub-standard car decides your season for you – not ‘exciting driver pairings’.

McLaren giving Hamilton a good car and Hamilton remembering to treat himself as a sportsman and not a love-puppy are the most important things for 2012 WDC hopes.



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