New F1 rules 2012

The main changes:

– lapped cars can unlap themselves during a safety car time. This is so obvious, and I have no idea why it wasn’t done before. This now means that the slow cars can go all the way round and join the back again – meaning that at the re-start, slow cars won’t be in the way of the cars ‘ahead’ of them.

– difficult to police, it says that once cars have moved off the racing line to defend a position, they cannot move back on it. Get ready for more steward-decision inconsistency there then.

– Of course, the exhaust blown diffusers are out, as we knew already, so there is a big re-design for the back / rear exhaust blowing of the cars in 2012.


One Response to New F1 rules 2012

  1. ko says:

    I’m quite new to the rules….what use to be in place of the second rule change you mentioned ? I always thought there was a ‘drivers’ agreement that you could block once and that was it, no moving back to the racing line. I take it this means it’s now official ? Or have I missed something

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