First piece of testing news

That Mercedes will not make the first test, and spend more time on development, before making the second test.

The test dates for the Formula 1 testing, or February testing as it’s sometimes known: dates are:

Jerez: from 7th Feburary 2012

Barcelona: 21st to 24th February 2012

Barcelona: 1st to the 4th of March 2012

So far, no other F1 testing 2012 news has appeared.

Mercedes to have a massive gap to make up – yet they must have been developing for 2012 for a long, long time… yet, maybe all the teams have been, so there’s no real difference in that?

The 2011 champion having been decided very, very early in 2011 means that most teams will have been developing their new car – without exhaust blown diffusers for 2012 – for a long time already.

Everyone will be comparing McLaren to Red Bull right from early February and the first few days, as well as looking at Ferrari.

How to judge testing?

Not by the time sheets, nor even the laps completed.

In testing 2011, Ferrari completed the most laps of the top teams and seemed very reliable and good on long pace. Yet their car was a turd. (compared to Red Bull)

The better way to judge it is to read what first-hand viewers see of the way the car handles.

People saw that the Red Bull RB7 simply looked smoother and zippier round corners, from corner ONE of all testing. That’s what matters. Hopefully McLaren have a trump card somewhere…


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