Some F1 confessions

What does an F1 blog write about in the off season?

A few admissions.

– Kimi Raikkonen gets on my tits. He annoys me. Not a lot. I don’t lie awake at night, puncturing my fists with my fingernails, thinking about his clearasil clear complexion and damning him to hell and back, and back again, a la Kropotkin.

Yet, he is annoying. It is not cool or fashionable to act like a dickhead. If he is winning all the time, he can just about get away with it: the aloof and ecctentric champion. Yet if you are not winning, or not in a top car, you just come across like an arrogant asshole.

I do not believe, AT ALL, that he likes driving in F1, or wants to be back. Yet I do believe that he likes nice things, and nice things cost a lot of money, and he needs more money.

– I do not like Interlagos, the Sao Paulo Brazil F1 track. There, I said it. Everyone loves to say how they looove it, and good luck to them, if they do, then fine, I am not arguing with anyone’s opinion. My opinion is that is rarely produces wheel to wheel racing between the top 3 drivers, and that grid order largely decides the podium each year there.

– Tilke DOES design good tracks. It is very fashionable to criticise anything Tilke designed, yet if you actually research the tracks that he has done, instead of sitting at a computer screen, eating a snack and guffawing about how a recognised expert in his field is somehow ‘not good’ at it. India is a triumph of racing flow and a unique feel.

– I dislike the Singapore street circuit. I am sure it is great for F1 business, and it looks aand ‘feels’ great to have F1 at night there – but the layout is hideous and non-sensical.

That’ll do for now.


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